Northwest Door and Sash Company offers full or partial factory finish options for both interior and exterior finishes.  Finish manufacturers are continuously changing and improving their finish formulations, so we make it a practice to stay informed for new products on the market and undergo our own tests prior to offering them to our clients.



Northwest Door and Sash offers a 3-coat exterior Sikkens brand in-house finish.  We believe this brand of translucent finish is the best decorative clear/semi-clear wood finish available on the market.  It allows the beauty of the wood to show through while providing a protective, elastic, breathable surface that requires minimal maintenance compared to conventional spar varnishes and polyurethanes.

The Sikkens® finish is pre-assembly applied before glass, hardware, weather-stripping, etc. is installed, providing a more comprehensive process.  This factory finish can save time and money by not requiring the contractor to disassemble the window and/or door units to apply finish, or take them to a finishing facility and returning them to the job site.  This factory finish results in doors and windows shipped fully detailed with a high-quality, furniture-grade exterior finish.  For best results, we recommend a final coat be applied after installation to cover any nail holes, dents, cracks, etc. resulting from shipping, handling and installation.




Northwest Door and Sash Company uses PPG Industries products as a default for glazing.  Our default low-e glazing is Solar Ban 60.  We also use Cardinal Glass products.  However, we are always willing to consider other glazing options in order to fit your special project.  Our glazing units are also available using SuperSpacer warm edge spacers on insulated glass units.



For weatherstripping, we use dual Q-lon compression weatherstripping for doors and windows.