Tom Faxon President

Tom’s passion for woodworking, building, and craftsmanship began at an early age.  Seeking an outlet for his creative nature and realizing a need to work with his hands and an affinity for the qualities of wood, he started woodworking in high school. Upon graduation, he worked as a homebuilder for several years, gaining an understanding of the complex coordination required in the construction process.  He also took an apprenticeship with a veteran woodworker, making wood doors and windows. Inspired by the lack of competition for real, handcrafted wood doors and windows, Tom founded Northwest Door and Sash Company in 1987.  Since then Tom has become a trusted resource for builders and architects due to his expertise and reputation for work with integrity.  Today, his passion for building things, working with architects and builders, and problem-solving continue to drive Tom as he leads Northwest Door and Sash Company.

Shawn Shallenberger VP of Sales

Shawn has almost 30 years of woodworking experience under his belt.  He began his career working with wood through an apprenticeship, where he learned the classic fundamentals of true craftsmanship.  For twenty years, he owned his own woodworking shop and has produced high-quality furniture, casework, doors, and other products for customers across the country.  At Northwest Door and Sash, Shawn connects us to our customers, offers his decades of experience in woodworking, and often finds himself helping out on the production floor.

Chuck Heffelfinger VP of Production

Whether he’s repairing a bike, moving a three-story hotel, or perfecting a new recipe, Chuck has an innate ability to understand process and solve problems. Before he was a woodworker, Chuck’s previous jobs taught him to understand complex situations and the flow of process in order to complete projects. He has an ability to quickly understand new tools and processes, solve problems, and develop solutions to keep the operation running. Today, he leads our production team with exacting standards and a desire for quality that is evident in the quality of our windows.