Our Work Process

our work process

Our customer service is one of the main ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition. We love working with people and helping them achieve their vision. The commitment we have to ensuring our customers are happy is unparalleled. Below are a few of the many aspects of our business we’re dedicated to upholding to ensure all of our clients have an easy, enjoyable experience working with us.







We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients.  From the design development stage on, we become active team members, offering our valuable consultancy as part of our production fee. With over 93 years of collective experience, we are uniquely poised to solve difficult design challenges.  At Northwest Door & Sash we are dedicated to achieving your vision within your budget through focus on upfront design and planning. We are experts at tackling complex projects and discovering the small efficiencies that can save you money and improve your project. When you work with us, you can always count on personable, prompt, and clear communication with a professional who knows the window and door business inside and out.



We understand what it takes to move projects from a vision to a reality and we’re here to help. Northwest Door & Sash offers a plethora of tangible resources to aid in the design, decision and planning of window & door projects, including:

  • A full catalog of stock CAD drawings available for download on our website
  • The ability to create photo modifications that show clients a real-world vision of how our products would look on their homes.
  • Custom 2D drawings with accurate dimensions for planning.
  • Custom 3D models to flush out technical issues and ensure complete accuracy before the job hits the shop floor.

Vertical cross-section of window, showing sash bar separating upper and lower Insulated Glass Units (IGUs).


Each window and door we create is a custom piece, designed and crafted for the job at hand in order to meet the requirements of your project. We do not carry a stock line of products. Amongst the architectural community, we are well known for our willingness to embrace the architect’s vision and develop highly customized approaches that are collaborative with all parties involved. We also do our best to juggle production schedules in order to accommodate the timing needs of different projects.


accuracy & control

Every wooden component of our doors and windows is manufactured at our shop by our team of expert craftsmen. Each sash, jamb, sill, window stool, casing, glass stop, and muntin bar is designed, crafted, inspected, and assembled by our in-house team. We control the quality of every piece we manufacture, and no imperfections are allowed at any stage in production. Our team is small and dedicated to the success and perfection of your job. Every one of us cares about and is involved in the various stages of production ensureing that your job is always in expert hands.


quality & consideration

We are a small group of craftsman with a passion for making the highest quality doors and windows available on the market. Our decades in the industry have enabled us to navigate the complexities involved in residential, commercial and historic design and construction projects. Thoughtful consideration is given to every aspect of our work to ensure that the expectations of all parties are exceeded.


client satisfaction

Architects consistently tell us our products achieve and enhance their vision. Builders enjoy working with us and have come to rely on the fact that we will deliver an easy-to-install, superior product, on schedule, with no surprises.  In addition to the flawless function, homeowners are delighted by the unique, long-lasting beauty that our products bring to their homes.  To see specific accolades from our customers, please see our testimonials.

“NW Door and Sash was able to provide a completely custom product built to our specifications – something most other notable NW fabricators were unwilling or unable to do. They were also great collaborators throughout the design and shop drawing process. We have had no issues to date with the performance of their pivot and sliding door systems, and the quality of craftsmanship is fantastic.”